Resco Combs

Resco combs are engineered for the serious pet owner, no other grooming product comes close. Most of our combs are manufactured right here in Walled Lake, Michigan - Feel the American difference!

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Choosing the comb that's right for you!

It's important to decide if you're choosing your comb for work or personal use, this will help determine the right comb for your needs. Please find all of our combs in the section below, if you have additional questions please check out our Learn section here or contact us!


The Ergonomic Comb Series

The Resco Ergonomic Series was built with your hand and wrist in mind. Whether it's a tough coat you're tackling, a longer grooming session, or just wanting the most comfortable experience - this comb is engineered for you. There is no higher quality comb on the market. Made in the USA!

PF0080 Coarse comb

Coarse spacing is best for thick and fluffy coats. These 1.5 inches pins will glide right through, removing mats and tangles with ease.

PF0083 Medium comb

Medium spacing is perfect for a variety of coat styles. This comb is great for any breed.

PF0093 Combination Comb

Combination spacing allows for touching up and finishing your pet's coat. The coarse spacing is great for breaking up the mat, while the medium side will remove that mat. This is the perfect all-in-one comb.


Resco Combination Series (Medium-Fine Combination Spacing)

Resco Combination Combs are an essential addition to any serious pet owner's grooming tools. Whether you're looking for every day grooming, professional grooming, or finishing - these combs are a must have. Availalbe in 1 inch and 1.5 inch pin lengths. Made in the USA!

PF0200 Combination Comb

1 Inch Teeth

PF0280 Combination Comb 1.5 inch Teeth

Resco Candy Color Dog Nail Clippers
Resco Guillotine Cat Nail Clippers in Candy Colors

Don't forget your matching nail clippers!


Resco Pro Comb

Resco Pro Comb sports a size and color for every situation! Make sure you fill up your tool box with the unrivaled quality of Resco Combs. Available in fine, medium, and coarse tooth spacing. Made in the USA!

PF0600 Coarse Pro comb

1 Inch teeth

PF0603 Fine Pro comb

1 Inch teeth

PF0606 Medium Pro comb

1 Inch teeth

Don't forget your matching nail clippers!

Resco Guillotine Nail Clippers in Candy Colors

Resco Pro-Series Brushes and Specialty Combs

The Resco Pro-Series tools have been engineered for maximum performance. Our Pro-Series is designed to perform on your pet seamlessly while making your job quicker and easier!

PF0667 Rotating Pin Comb

The PF0667 Rotatating Pin Comb is the most advanced comb in modern day grooming. 27 Pins rotate at 360°, breaking up any mat or tangle brave enough to stand in its way.

PF0665 Flea Comb

Don't let the name fool you, the PF0665 Flea Comb isn't just for removing fleas, this is the perfect face comb and accessory comb for all harder to reach areas!


PF0910 Small Slicker Brush

PF0915 Large Slicker Brush

PF0920 Combination Brush

The PF0920 Combination Brush is a pet lover's dream. Relieve mats and tangles with our stainless steel pins, then flip and remove loose fur with nylon pins on the reverse side. The perfect comb for smoothing and finishing your pet's coat!

The PF0915 Large Slicker Brush is designed for ergonomics and ease of use. Don't tire out your wrist while brushing out loose fur and mats, our comfort grip handle will relieve extra tension and help you produce the results you're looking for.

The PF0910 Small Slicker Brush is designed for ergonomics and ease of use. This brush will fit in to all hard to reach areas and is the perfect size for any cat or dog 25lbs or less.