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Thank you for visiting Resco's frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer to yours, please contact us.
Q. How do you replace the blade in a Resco guillotine nail clipper?
Q. What sized nail clipper is best for my pet?
A. We offer various sizes to ensure the right size for any pet.
        1. Tiny - Dogs 10lbs and under
        2. Small/Medium - Pets 10-50lbs (or with a nail smaller than a #2 pencil)
        3. Large - Pets 50+lbs (or with a nail larger than a #2 pencil)
Q. What is the difference between the deluxe and standard guillotine-style nail clipper?
A. We have 3 different versions of our nail clipper: Chrome, Candy, and Deluxe.
       1. Chrome - Dipped in a chrome finish for anti-rust and long lasting protection.
       2. Candy - Dipped in a chrome finish and then coated with a premium powder coat for a beautiful shine and great grip.
       3. Deluxe - Complete with a premium powder coat finish and form fitted grips. Nothing performs like a Resco deluxe nail clipper.
Q. Which type of trimmer do you recommend: guillotine or scissor?
A. Generally we do not recommend one type over the other, but rather explain the difference and let the user decide. We manufacture both types because different people prefer different styles. Besides the angle at which you hold these clippers, the biggest difference would be that the guillotine clipper offers a replaceable blade feature whereas the scissor-style does not.
Q. What size Training choke to I need?
A. First, measure your dogs neck, once you have that measurement add approximately 2-3 inches. This will give you the extra play needed.
Q. What material are your leads made out of?
A. We offer 2 types of show lead material: Braided Nylon and Cordo-Hyde. Cordo-Hyde material is a wax-coated nylon which has characteristics of leather yet easily concealed in the hand.
Q. What makes Resco combs different?
A. Most Resco combs are made in America. We manufacture these the old way, through press fitting the pins. Most of our competition uses screwed in pins, this means they easily fall out and break. Our combs consist of a solid brass shank with solid steel pins pressed through it. This is the most durable comb on the market. All combs are fit with round-tipped pins for your pet's comfort and are designed with your wrist in mind. We cut no corners on these comes to ensure you have the most enjoyable grooming experience possible.
Q. Where can I purchase Resco products?
A. Resco is available through our online store, our online retailers, and can also be found at local stores via our store locator.
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