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Resco Replaceable Blade Kit - Pro Pack

Resco Replaceable Blade Kit - Pro Pack

SKU: PF0440

This replaceable blade fits ALL Resco guillotine style trimmers! Our blades are the sharpest in the industry and will slice through even the toughest pet nails with ease. With a Resco nail clipper, all you have to do is replace the blade and your trimmer will cut as good as new. Our micro honed blades are made of hardened American steel to ensure a smooth, clean cut every time. This pack includes 6 blades!


UPC: 030627004402

  • Features

    • American Made since 1937
    • Includes 6 blades
    • Highest quality American Steel
    • Hand sharpened in Detroit, MI
    • Microhoned edge cuts every time
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
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