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Do you comb your dog?

Let’s talk about the importance of grooming your pet. Do you comb and brush your pet once a week? If you didn’t answer “yes,” then please keep reading! Now why do we need to brush our pets? Pets, just like humans, love to be clean! The easiest way to keep your pet clean is to routinely brush and comb them at least once a week. Getting out tangles before they turn into large mats is a great way to prevent an otherwise painful experience.

You may ask, how do I comb or brush my pet correctly? There are plenty of different types of combs and brushes for each coat type, but don’t overwhelm yourself. First, you’ll want to pick up a combination comb like this and a combination brush like this.

When brushing your dog it’s important to make sure you are going with the coat rather than against it. Use your wrist to make swift motions through the coat and out to remove any loose fur. The reason for doing this is you’re breaking up any tangled or matted fur to prevent your pet from feeling any pain.

With the comb, you want to make the same strides. Use the coarse side first to break up any mats or tangles, then flip it to use the fine side to comb the loose hair out. Again, this should be done at least once a week. Not only will that make the process much easier every time you do it, but it will make it a less stressful process for your pet.

Make sure you bring lots of treats and use positive reinforcement. Pet grooming should be a bonding experience for owner and pet. For tips on using more of our grooming tools be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Groom on!

Eric Pelland GM, Resco Pet Products

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