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Why buy Resco?

Did you know most of Resco’s products are made right here in America? This is to ensure we have full control over our quality at all times. Since 1937 we’ve created products for Handlers, Vets, and Groomers. Our goal has always been to enhance you, your pet’s, and your client’s pet’s lives.

Our competition is very limited in the premium pet product market. Just about anyone can go out and create a nail clipper, but no one has been able to match our quality or commitment to customer service. I take great pride in being able to tell any potential customers, “If you’re unsure of which brand to buy, just ask your Veterinarian or Groomer which product they use.”

When choosing your products, I hope you’ll consider Resco. We’re committed to your satisfaction and your pet’s health.Whether you’re a Handler, Groomer, or Veterinarian – welcome to the Resco Family. I can’t wait to show you what’s next.

Groom on!

Eric Pelland GM, Resco Pet Products

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