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How to Clip Your Pet’s Nails!

Did you know that your pet likes to be groomed, just like you? When a pet’s nails get too long they press into the ground and hurt the paw. This can also result in your pet sliding around and falling. When you start to hear tap, tap, tap on the ground when you’re pet’s running by, it’s already past nail clipping time.

Just like people and cars, pets require preventative maintenance. By focusing on problems before they exist, you’ll save you and your pet heartache and physical pain. Last month we described the proper way to brush and comb your pet, today we’re here to help you clip their nails.

What you need: 1 Resco Nail Clipper (Guillotine or Scissor) Styptic Powder (optional) Treats or pieces of your pet’s food

The first step in clipping your pet’s nails is making sure they’re calm and secure. Hold your pet, or have someone else hold them securely, but calmly. Also, make sure they can’t move their paws around too much. If your pet gets fussy, feed them a treat and continue the process.

Next, hold the paw in your hand and snip the tip of the nail off. If your pet has clear nails, you should be able to see the location of the quick inside. If the nail is black you won’t be able to see the quick. Just snip the very tip of the nail. The quick is the inner part of the nail, if clipped it will bleed. Don’t be afraid if it does, take some styptic powder and apply it to the wound. This will clot up almost immediately.

Continue through every nail and don’t forget the Dewclaw (this is the nail on the side of the paw.) Once these are all clipped you’re done, great job! Make sure you give your pet a treat and a nice scratch. Don’t forget to enjoy a treat yourself, you’ve earned it! For more tips and tricks please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Groom On!

Eric Pelland GM, Resco Pet Products

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